Personal Trainer - Josh Maley

Josh graduated from Loughborough University in 2009 with a degree in a Sports and Exercise Science with Management. He competed nationally as a swimmer for 8 years before finding his true passion in the sport of bodybuilding.

I first met Josh on the bodybuilding circuit, and immediately felt his passion for the sport and also in helping others achieve results. As a coach you really can’t inspire people to achieve high quality results if you’ve not been there yourself. At 6 ft 5, Josh knows only too well what hard work, passion and dedication goes into creating the perfect physique (see pictures below).

Josh joins M10 as one of our Personal Trainers, but also as one of our competition preparation coaches.

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Here is a transformation that Josh achieved with one of his clients. Lee won the UKBFF East of England Physique Championships 2014 


Bodybuilding accomplishments 

NABBA overall midlands champion 2014 
NABBA Britain 2014 2nd place Class 1 
NABBA Worlds 2014 4th place Class 1 


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