3 Powerful mindset tips for successful fat loss

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If you’ve tried any form of dieting before, you’ll be able to recognise how multifaceted the process actually is. To lose body fat, it’s as simple as eating in a calorie deficit, but only when we start, do we realise that a calorie deficit is not always that simple.

Between circulating hunger hormones, peer pressure from friends and subconscious relationships with food, we can sometimes have our work cut out for us when it comes to fat loss.

In this article we will be discussing how your psychology around dieting will play a large part in your ability to succeed, both short and long term. We also share some powerful mindset tips to help you successfully lose body fat.
Perception of Dieting
Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to any kind of physical journey is how you perceive that process. What you see normally becomes your truth, therefore it’s important to have a positive association with dieting before and during that journey.
We tend to see that people use dieting as a form of punishment, to change a body shape they’re not proud of by restricting foods they enjoy and forcing themselves to eat whole foods and less takeaways. Whilst this isn’t always going to create an environment for failure, it very rarely sets you up for success.
Instead, we recommend you change your perception of the process, for example; eating a whole food diet as a way of respecting your body and dieting in order to challenge yourself, taking your body to a shape it’s never been in before and therefore pushing the boundaries of what you previously thought were possible.
Goal-oriented vs Process-oriented
When starting a body composition journey, having an end goal in sight is important to keep you heading down a consistent path. However, it’s equally important to have milestones along the way that mark how far you’ve come, as well as reminding you about the positives that have been gained from the experience.
When we can take a client from being only goal-oriented to being process-oriented, their satisfaction and enjoyment of the journey increases, every step in the right direction then becomes a ‘win’ and the stress of reaching the end goal diminishes.

Unless you are dieting specifically for an event or date, we recommend you transition into this state of mind. Your thoughts should revolve around the daily and weekly tasks required to keep you moving towards your end goal, as without them your goal will seem like a distant, unattainable vision. The great thing about having this attitude, is that you gain far more out of the journey than you do the destination; from building lifelong habits to acquiring the skills and understanding to manage your body composition when you finally reach that important end goal. The likelihood of a process-oriented individual reverting back to old ways and spiralling into a yo-yo cycle of weight gain/loss is far lower too.
Hedonic Hunger
A common difficulty people face when dieting is managing hunger, or more specifically hedonic hunger. This is otherwise known as ‘food focus’ and refers to when an individual experiences relative deprivation (to what they would’ve normally eaten), and therefore have a perceived increase in hunger, regardless of what energy they actually have available. Essentially, this hunger is psychological, and can therefore be quenched with the right mindset and environment.
One large factor that can exacerbate hedonic hunger, yet is ultimately in your control, is the exposure of highly palatable foods, and how easy it is to access them. Looking at variations of doughnuts on Instagram and watching ‘Man vs Food’ on repeat will increase your perceived deprivation and cause a cascade of cravings.
Our tactic to deal with this phenomenon is to keep our clients busy and focused on tasks away from nutrition. This could include being immersed in work, additional goals outside of training such as walks, meditation or stretching and even establishing a new hobby - learning to play an instrument works particularly well!  
If you’re struggling with your psychology around dieting, our M10 coaches have the experience and knowledge to help you regain a clear perception of the process, as well as manage your insatiable hunger and give you the positive outlook needed to start enjoying the journey again. Get in touch today for a FREE online consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your fat loss goals with our online coaching service


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