3 Steps to figure out your food cravings

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Do you experience food cravings? We can assure you that having food cravings aren’t abnormal! In fact, we'd say the majority of our clients and even some of us have our vices! Whether it's chocolate, sweets or fast food, we believe the key to tackling your cravings is to accept them, understand them and then manage them.

​In this article we hope to give you some answers and actionable steps to what we believe the key is to tackling your cravings.

1. Ride The Crave

This can be a surprise to some, but rather than advise to fight the craving, we usually suggest first accepting it. If you rely purely on willpower to get you through, then you may fall short and ultimately feel guilty if you don't abstain.

Instead we recommend you ride the crave for at least 30 minutes. Don't immediately give in to your desire, but agree that after a specific amount of time you will have it.

Regardless of the outcome, you've removed the sense of failure that would come from trying to completely abstain. Plus 50% of the time, the feeling will pass and you can move on!

2. Understand Your Hunger

Once you've accepted that hunger and cravings are normal, it's then important to recognise whether it's really hunger in the first place. Here's a few considerations:

- Dehydration will cause symptoms including false hunger - are you drinking enough?

- Poor cognitive function and tiredness will influence blood sugar regulation - are you sleeping enough?

- High quality nutrition with a moderate protein intake is ideal when it comes to feeling satiated - are you eating enough?

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3. Feelings of Deprivation

A common mistake we see people make is removing their favourite foods out of their diet. There's a perception that these more desirable foods are "bad to eat".

This couldn't be further from the truth! Anything that allows you to remain consistent with your eating habits is an asset, not a drawback. Have you ever abstained from eating a food, but over time all you want to do is then consume that food? This is known as hedonic hunger, and it arises when we feel deprived.

For most individuals, we see greater success when there is a daily/weekly food programmed in that is considered more palatable. For some, this could just be 2 squares of dark chocolate daily, for others it might a small weekly pizza.

If you implement some of the steps within this article, you should see huge improvements in the management of your cravings. Not only serving you in your physical goals, but making life at home a little easier in 2021.

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