6 advanced fat loss strategies

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Many people (trainers included) simply lower calories and introduce more cardio in an attempt to get themselves or their clients lean. However, as fat loss comes to a halt, if you’re not strategic with your fat loss approach, then the added weight loss may come from muscle. 

There are many tools at your disposal, which can help you achieve much better results. So what are some of these extra strategies? Read below for our top 6 strategies.

1. Carb cycling (low, med and high days). The benefit of fluctuating you carbohydrates is that you will force your body to switch between macro nutrients as the week patterns out. By fluctuating carbs around training certain body parts, you can maximise performance. For example, having higher carb days on leg and back day, and then medium carb days on shoulders and arms days. These fluctuations can help to increase fat loss. 

2.  Calorie cycling (primarily higher cal/carb days on training days). This is a tool you can use to help you towards having an awesome physique at the end of your journey. One of the main reasons is that calorie cycling provides you with more fuel on hard training days, and less on non training days and when training smaller body part. This is another strategy that can help with consistent fat loss. 

3. Low carb (which will mean higher in essential fats) This will include strategic 2,3 or 4 days low carb with one high carb day.

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4. Off plan meals/re feeds. Take some time to read the detailed article by clicking the link. 

5. Strategic recovery days. Often a day or so backing off intense training will do wonders to your progress.

6. Adding in extra training sessions as you get deeper into your diet. The benefit of this is that you can add in extra calories to aid performance and recovery. You won't need to add in extra cardio, and you'll also have a fuller physique by the end of your journey. 

By using only calorie reduction and increased cardio, your body will get to a point where it may stall. So being strategic with the tools at your disposal, can help to stimulate increased fat loss.

Often I may start with subtle calorie reduction and similar introduction of cardio, but deeper into a diet I may switch the diet to a carb cycling strategy. The strategy I use will always depend on the individual and how their body is responding. But the more choice I have, the less chance I will have of hitting a plateau.

Remember, there is certainly more ways to skin a cat, don't get lazy and stick to one method. The more variety in a diet, the more consistent the fat loss, and the better your physique will look at the end.

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