Adding in calories to improve your body shape

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One of the most successful methods we use when it comes to fat loss and changing a client's body shape, is adding calories into someone’s diet, as opposed to taking them away.
Contrary to popular belief, your body does need food to change shape. Your cells, organs and tissues all need energy. So, we initially focus on giving the body what it needs. It’s amazing to see what the body does, when it’s fuelled correctly. We see sleep, mood, energy, and recovery all improve very quickly. Not to mention big drops in body fat!
When energy and recovery is up, our clients train well, they recover well, and they also add muscle tissue. Muscle is highly metabolic, so we always focus on training that supports the development of lean tissue with our clients. A healthy metabolism is key for optimal fat loss.

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Depending on where our clients start from, we can often end up increasing calories across a 6 – 8 week time frame. Whilst doing this we still see body fat come down and lean tissue being built. They key is to regularly assess weight changes and body fat levels.
Most people feel tired, weak, stressed and they also suffer from cravings when they follow a low-calorie diet. This is because the body is starving. It’s not sustainable, and often ends with the person adding weight back on over time.
We teach all of our client about the importance of quality food and optimal calorie levels when they’re trying to change their body shape, but we also show them that it works. When they can see body fat coming off and the scales are changing positively, it confirms to them that eating regularly is the way to go when it comes to fat loss.
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