Don't get stuck in your ways for too long

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Many people are so stuck in their ways, they follow one style of eating week by week, and year on year. But being stuck in your ways and not trying other ways of eating, could be limiting your results and performance.

Some people stick to protein and fats, others go for protein and carbs, and others go for a mix of all three. Often the way people have ended up here, is not through experimentation, it's convenience or simply routine.

It may be that you got in shape once using a low carb method, and you've not changed since. You may have even gained a lot of lean mass on high carb, and you're worried you'll lose your size if you lower your carbs slightly in favour of more essential fats.

My point here, is if you've never experimented properly with different ways of eating, you won't really know how you respond. You may have way more energy and train harder eating more carbs, you may even get a lot leaner. Some of you who swear by your carb intake daily, could well do better switching to a higher fat based diet.

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Personally I work really well with fats at certain points of the day, and consume most of my carbs around training. I know I look way better the day after a protein and high fat day, but I know I perform way better in the gym when I use carbs.

This has all come about from years and years of trial and error, and I'd like to think I know my body very well.

So take a little time to question when you last mixed things up, when you last experimented with the way that you eat, and ask yourself if you could get better results by just trying an alternative method.

I have some clients eat one way, and others eat another. Why is this you ask? Well I read their body and I know how well they respond to certain methods. I don't have one concrete way that every single client eats, it really does depend on so many factors.

Yet again, there really is more than one way to skin a cat. I think too many people wear blinkers and fear change, which limits their goals.

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