Fat loss tips for 2020 - mindset

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In order to change your body shape long term, you have to address certain habits that you will have built up throughout your life. There are relationships that you will have built up with food and drink, that are often hard to just switch off from. Some people can just flick a switch and change, where other people have to be educated
in these areas.
Sadly, a lot of people let themselves get to the stage where health is the reason they’ve decided to change (diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, insomnia etc). Another reason is that they’ve let their body get out of control (to the point where they really aren’t happy with how they look).

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Unfortunately, a lot of people think that being strict for a few weeks will make all the difference. However, after a few weeks the diet becomes too restrictive and they fall back into old habits. You simply can’t expect to leave your life the way it is, pull away from it for a while, and then expect to come back to your old routine. Your old routine and old habits got you to where you are today, so it’s essential that they are addressed.
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