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As we near the end of 2019, we will be sharing with you some of our top tips and advice to help jump start your health & fitness goals in 2020.
First up is some advice on nutrition and the importance of eating quality and nutritious food.
Nearly everyone who starts their journey with us is either eating way too much poor quality food, or they’re not eating enough food in general.
Our bodies convert energy from the very foods that we eat. The process begins when we consume food, followed by the digestive process, it is then absorbed and moved throughout your body.
Certain amounts of food we store and certain amounts we use for energy. In its simplest form, we must have energy to allow our body to function optimally on a daily basis. There is a certain amount of energy required so that each of your physiological actions can function.
So, when you feel sluggish, when you crave foods, when you feel irritable, when your muscles ache, and when you struggle to workout, these are all signs of physiological functions that are not working optimally.

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In fact, these are the same symptoms that people get when they follow very low-calorie diets. Do they sound familiar?
So, when people follow very low-calorie for too long, their bodies can just say NO. This may coincide with reaching a plateau, and after too long you rebound and add all the weight back on. You might not believe this, but losing body fat can be relatively easy.
Within the first few weeks, most of our clients end up telling us that what they’re doing isn’t that hard. You see, anything that you don’t like doing, won’t get achieved.
You should enjoy your food, enjoy preparing it, and also enjoy the end result of how it makes you feel and look.
Would you like to know 7 guidelines we ask many of our clients to follow when it comes to nutrition?
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