How to use your inner voice to achieve your true potential

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As personal trainers, it's our job to look out for certain things when we're training you.

We look out for the bar/dumbbell speed. If you start to slow down despite having a set tempo, it's a sign that you're close to failure.

We watch for your recovery time. We may give you less rest (fat loss), if we see that you're recovering quickly.

We watch for technique, to see if we can keep pushing you. A breakdown in technique is often a reason to stop a set.

But there is one thing that is very hard to gauge. Your own inner fight to push on. We as coaches struggle to see how much you've really got left inside. Usually our experience serves us very well, but there's always people who completely throw us.

So often when we work with our Personal Training clients (especially new ones), we watch for all the signs that you're coming towards the end of a set. We give you that magic cue for 3 more, and look up to see you've found a second wind.

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That second wind is your inner voice telling you that you're better than this, you don't want to give in, you don't want to be a quitter, and you can achieve so much more. Honestly, we've taken people to what was thought was their failure, and they've given 15 - 20 more reps. Rest pause style but they've carried on.

You've all got that inner voice, and many of you never use it. You give up before you've even had chance to. It's one of your most precious training tools you have, and can literally transform your physique if you're prepared to find it and use it.

The next time you train. Take yourself to where you usually think you're done. Pause for a few seconds, take a breath, and ask yourself if you're really better than this, ask yourself if you're really a quitter. Then take a big deep breath and go to your true potential.

Welcome to the world of training from within.

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