I just don't handle carbs well

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"I just don’t handle carbs well"

It’s the main excuse low carb eaters give, yet they’re always the ones still looking the same year after year.

What we’d like to hear more of is honesty. Admit that you have little control and that you don’t understand the timing of carbohydrates. Most of us can handle carbohydrates, even diabetics. The real trick is knowing how much, how often, what type, and at which part of the day.

What dictates how many carbs we give a client, is their training frequency, their training intensity, their current body fat levels, their ability to stick to their guidelines, and the goal they have set.

As a general rule, the harder and more frequent someone trains, the more muscle they have, and the leaner they are, the higher we're able to put their carbs. The less someone trains and the lower their experience level, the higher we put the essential fats in their diet and the lower we put their carbs.

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Most of the time people add the largest amount of their carbs across a weekend, at a time when they’re the least active. They also sit at home in the evenings shovelling carbs in, again when they’re least active. The biggest issue here is often the amount of overall calories that are consumed.

Don’t fear carbs, just learn when to have them (usually around your workouts), be mindful of how much you’re having, and consume them in line with your training experience and current body composition.

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