It's time to set new goals and challenges

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Lockdown has meant that many of your fitness related goals had to be put on hold for a while, as home workouts became the new way of keeping fit. Now that gyms are reopening there is no better time to set new goals and challenges.
One of the great things about lockdown is that you may have discovered a way of working out that you really enjoyed, or an activity that you would like to incorporate into your new post lockdown fitness regime.
So why not take some time to think about what you really want to achieve, from a health and fitness standpoint, over the course of the rest of 2020?


Here are some things to consider to help you set and work towards your new fitness goals:

  • Set a goal that is meaningful and inspiring as this will help to keep your motivation levels high
  • Write your goals down, as you will put more thought into the outcome and commit to them more
  • Plan your training into your day by scheduling your sessions into your diary for the week. This will ensure that you don’t get distracted or use that time for social or work commitments. Doing this at the start of the week is also a good way to mentally prepare yourself for hitting your goals every day.
  • Ensure your goals are broken down into smaller goals. Small daily wins will amount to bigger gains over time, and will get you one step closer to your goal

We all thrive off progression, whether that is personally, physically or professionally. So set some new health and fitness goals, and get focused as gyms reopen.

If you need help with goal setting and keeping you accountable towards your new goals, get in touch for a FREE personal training consultation with the M10 team today.

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