Part 1: How to transform your body

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In this 3 part series, we're going to share some of our experience and knowledge in the field of physique transformations. Part one will be covering an aspect that we believe is the missing link for so many people, psychology. Part two will cover the nutrition aspect, and part three will be the training section.

Over the years we've consulted with hundreds of prospective clients, each of them thinking that they’ve got what it takes to transform their body.  If there’s one thing we’ve never been frightened of telling people, it’s if we think they actually do. There isno point in taking someone on a journey, if their goal is unrealistic or if they’re just not ready.



Many people think they can continue to live the same way and get high quality results. They think it’s merely a few dietary changes, a hard core training programme, a few supplements, and hey presto they’ll look like their idol. People fail to realise the huge sacrifice that each person makes to be able to achieve the body of their dreams.

Whenever we consult with a prospective client looking to transform their physique, we go into great depth about the transformation process. We explain what’s expected of them, then we sit back and watch their reaction. Does change and the challenge ahead excite them, or does is scare them? 

You see change is the biggest thing that so many people fear. It’s also a huge reason why people fail to get results. You have to understand that the person who you are today, isn’t the same person you’re going to be at the end of your transformation journey. You’ll change as a person, you’ll have more knowledge, confidence, and you’ll develop new values and beliefs. You’ll also surround yourself with a different group of friends, those who share your new passion.  It’s only when you accept the fact that change is an inevitable part of the process, that you’ll be able to achieve your dream physique.

So many people are frightened of standing out, being different and breaking away from the norm. They sit in the little bubble that is their life, working through various training programmes and getting nowhere.

Do you want to be just the same as every one else? Do you want to have an average physique? Or do you want to be that person who turns heads when you’re training in the gym, or walking down the street?

8 week physique

There isn’t one training or nutrition programme, that can help install the passion required to achieve the results that you’re expecting. That side has to come from you. There are average transformations, and there are exceptional transformations. The mindset you start out with, will determine which one you become. You have to look deep inside, and ask yourself how much you want it. Are you prepared to do more, and work harder than anyone else?

In our experience, those who completely submerge themselves in the journey, are the ones who do the best. They block out everything that’s going on around them and they lift their transformation to number one on their priority list.

So our advice to anyone thinking of starting their own transformation, is to make sure you’re ready from day one. Be prepared not to skip a beat, give everything you have to every single training session, and most of all remember that it’s not your average person who’s able to transform their physique. But who wants to be average, it’s living a life of excellence where the real results are.

Part 2 and 3 are coming soon. In the meantime, if you would like to start your own body transformation, get in touch today for your FREE consultation at M10 


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