Reasons why increasing calories can improve your body shape

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Once our clients have filled out their questionnaires and had their consultation with us, we reach the stage of planning out their nutrition. Much to the scepticism of the client, we often find ourselves adding more calories to their diet, than they proclaim to eat.  
As strange as it sounds for clients that want to reduce body fat and improve their body shape, there are multiple reasons why we do this.
Prior to the coaching process, most people suffer from tiredness, weakness, cravings and chronic stress, all of which would be exacerbated by a low calorie diet. This means that starting the process with a calorie drop for these individuals wouldn’t be sustainable, and typically just sets you up for failure. 
There are many factors to take control of in the first phase of coaching, including improving hydration, sleep quality, stress management and digestive health, which gives the opportunity to progress in many areas without having to rely on reducing intake. Getting clients into a healthier physical state, by reducing stress and sleeping properly can actually positively improve body shape before a calorie reduction is even necessary. 

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Trust is the huge factor we take into account when devising an appropriate nutrition plan. If there is no trust in the coaching relationship, it doesn’t matter what we advise, the individual is unlikely to follow along. Telling the client from the start that we’re not going to be pulling calories low, but instead increase them with highly nutritious foods to give them more energy, means that they gain a positive perception of the coaching process. As a by-product, their increased adherence to the plan all but guarantees that results can be achieved. 

It’s important to understand however, that a calorie increase and a calorie surplus are not the same thing. It can be very enticing to think that you can simply eat more calories and improve body composition at the same time, but the law of thermodynamics is still valid.

We offset calorie increases by ensuring our clients adopt a more active lifestyle, including increasing non-exercise activity (steps), regular resistance training sessions and a variable amount of cardiovascular work. This is how energy balance still remains in a favourable position and body composition still improves. 

Now we don’t just use our coaching to achieve results, but as a means of improving our clients’ relationship with food and so this particular method of coaching is extremely valuable. Whilst it’s not applicable to everyone, when we have the opportunity to take someone closer to their goal by eating more food, that’s a win-win scenario for both of us. 

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