Should I weigh my food?

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It’s very common to read posts where people say that you should never have to weigh your food, but why do they say this?

One of the main reasons is that beginner and intermediate fat loss does not have to be that complicated at all. In fact advanced fat loss in some cases doesn’t have to be this complicated either. It becomes very stressful, and you also learn very little about food itself. We want to teach you the most we can about quantity and control, but at the same time keeping it as low as we can from a stress perspective. It's important that you can live a normal life without having to take a set of scales every where with you:

If your trainer has you leaving the house with a set of food scales every day, I'd seriously question their knowledge around fat loss.
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When would we ask our clients to weigh out their food?⠀

I do think it’s important for us to ask our clients to weigh their food from time to time. When you weigh out 200 calories of fat from almonds, it really helps to see what that actually looks like. Nuts are very easy to over eat, I’m sure you’ve made this mistake. So we really ask our clients to weigh certain foods from an educational perspective.⠀

The bulk of fat loss in the early days really comes from being consistent with a nutritious, healthy and balanced diet. It comes from addressing lifestyle habits that cause you to go off track with your diet. It also comes from training regularly, working harder, and again being consistent.⠀
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