The key to sustaining a healthier body

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So many people expect to have the body of their dreams from doing one fat loss phase.

People are very quick to complain about certain body parts or slow fat loss, when it’s often the first time they’ve actually committed to changing their body shape.

For most people, being out of shape for a long period of time will have taken its toll. It takes time to heal an unhealthy body, and get it back to a position where it’s happy to change.

When we talk about an unhealthy body, it’s not just what you see on the outside. Years of malnutrition can really impact the rate at which someone will lose body fat or build muscle.

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This really does need to be respected when you start out. So many people go head first in to a weight loss or fat loss plan, telling themselves that they’ll give it 16 – 18 weeks. They crash diet, lose a ton of weight, and realise very quickly that it’s far from sustainable.

Within a few months the weight climbs back on, and they’re left back at square on. The key to sustainability is focussing on the big picture, not the quick fix. It’s focussing on all the wonderful things that will come to you as a result of improving your health, your body and your mind.

Relationships will improve, self-confidence will improve, business will improve, you’ll empower your children, and most of all you’ll be a lot happier.

Be patient, enjoy learning and take control of your body.

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