The reality of getting really lean

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Discipline, focus and commitment, are all extremely important if you want to get really lean.

Many of you may think you can do it, but very few of you really can.

We receive many emails from people saying that they just can't get past that a certain body fat % threshold, but we can guarantee it's because they don't have the three traits listed above.

Sure, the right nutrition has to be in place, but even when it is, the people who say they want it, just buckle when it gets too hard.

Every time you get that little bit leaner, where you were before seems such as easy place to get to. So if you were 10%, and on your next fat loss phase you get to 8%, getting to 10% in future is easy. It's the same with 8%, if you get to 6% on your next attempt, you'll never find getting to 8% a struggle in the future.


8 week physique

Every time you go that little bit deeper, you learn a lot about yourself, and you discover a new level of commitment and focus. Each time, it gets harder and harder, but each time you respect what it really takes to get to the really low numbers.

You do have to give up things for a while, you do have to make huge sacrifices, but it's the goal you set yourself right at the beginning that counts.

So don't give yourself the goal of sub 10%, if you really don't think you're ready for it. If you are, prepare to find it a lot harder than what you've experienced to date. If you are finding it tough, then I can assure you that it'll be reflected in your body fat scores and your physique.

Remember that it's not just about food and training, it's as much about the mind and your spirit.

Choose your goals wisely.

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