The truth about 12 week body transformations

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12 week transformations can be done, and businesses like ours prove time and time again, that they do work. Now the question is, does 12 weeks alone work for everyone? The answer to that is no.

The reason people enquire about transforming their body, is because they've seen someone else transform theirs. They've been inspired. Does this mean that the person can sign up for a 12 week transformation? Sure it does. But does it mean they'll achieve the transformed physique they've envisioned within that 12 week time frame? No, not everyone does. 

Let us explain why 12 weeks is the starting point for nearly every one we work with.

People need a focus. They need to have a goal to reach, and a realistic time frame that they can focus towards. What people fail to realise, is that every single person we have taken through a 12 week programme, is completely different by the end. They see a different body in front of them, a body that they didn't think was possible. Their personality has changed, their confidence has sky rocketed, and they may well have a new social network. Life is good!

Goals become different when you’re a different person. The goal may be completely different when they’re standing looking at a body they couldn’t have ever imagined.

So why do they get a bad reputation. They get a bad rep because people try and “sell” a dream that is unachievable in 12 weeks. Someone looks at a body and the trainer promises they too can look like that in 12 weeks. We can happily tell you that this doesn't happen at M10.

What does happen, is that we are very realistic. We will never tell someone they will have their dream physique at the end of 12 weeks,  If we actually have a longer journey ahead of us. What we will say is sign up with us for 12 weeks and see what difference you can make in a set time frame. There’s no looking 6 months down the line before we’ve even started, we set a dedicated time frame of 3 months to achieve the first goal. 

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Now if someone comes in to see us with a reasonable shape (many of these you can see on our body transformations page), can we get them in amazing shape in just 12 weeks. Yes we can. Some may be looking for photo shoots, competing, or just the cover model look (this goes for males and females). But just like every client we work with, an assessment is carried out before starting. There may be red flags that can slow down the process, and alter the time frame of the goal.

Health is always the first place we start. We ask ourselves if the person is well enough to enter into a very committed training programme. Can this persons body cope with a very strict diet, and committed training up to 4 – 5 x per week. Underlying things we look at are nutrition, current health status such as stress, cell health, hormones etc. Will we still work with someone, who is stressed and has been following a very unhealthy diet? Sure we will. Now the results over the 12 weeks may not be as impressive, but nonetheless the 12 week period is still a focussed time to see how well the person can do. Will we address any health issues such as stress, most definitely.

In our experience, people who commit to a time frame do so much better than people who sign up for on going training. We always review the progress our clients are making, and we have a very large number of our clients who signed up with us for 12 weeks, but who are years down the line and still looking at set targets like 3 months away.

So to conclude here, the real issue comes when people are being promised results that are unachievable in a 12 week time frame. So long at realistic goals are laid out, a realistic level of training is applied, considering health and nutritional status, there is nothing wrong at all with people committing themselves to 3 months.

Set a time frame, acknowledge your achievements, adapt to the new you, and set new goals for the next phase.

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