Thrush: Is it holding you back?

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Candida, thrush and any kind of yeast infection will dramatically slow down fat loss for females. Once you have it, you’ll find that you must diet harder than most people to achieve your goals. This often results in some level of fatigue, muscle loss, hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Dieting always requires some level of suffering and a lot of hard work, but not to the extent of causing severe illness.
Across my 15 years of experience of getting people lean, yeast infections have been one of the biggest issues. There are always other factors to consider, but spotting a yeast infection can save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort.
The biggest issue is how people with yeast infections handle carbohydrates, they don’t. The yeast feeds on sugar, it will stimulate the production of toxins. These toxins also house themselves in fat cells. Toxins also impact your immune system in a negative way (causing oxidative stress), which has a knock-on effect on your ability to recover and build muscle.

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Candida also impacts blood sugar regulation, which impacts your ability to focus throughout the day. This often causes a high level of stress which we all know promotes fat storage. Often people who have candida are quite jumpy, anxious and stressed. However, they can’t connect the link to a gut issue and their psychology.
There are ways that you can get lean when you have it, but it’s very tough. You have to be very dedicated with your diet, and it will mean long periods of low carb dieting (so as to not feed the candida). I don’t like long periods of low carb, but I’ve had to do it with clients in the past. The smart thing to do is look at all the symptoms below, then get in touch with a functional medicine practitioner to get tested.
So, what are the symptoms?
• Digestive disorders: gas, bloating/diarrhoea
• Poor blood sugar management (extreme high/low energy dips)
• Poor memory
• Vaginal itch/discharge
• Poor sleep patterns/insomnia
• Sugar cravings
As soon as a candida protocol is put in place, I’ve seen women lose up to 10mm of body fat off their legs with zero additional effort. Don’t suffer unnecessarily, get checked out.

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