What's stopping you from improving your health and fitness levels?

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Some people get to the stage where health is the reason they’ve decided that they need to make a change to their health and fitness levels. Others may have lost control and put on more body fat than they are comfortable with. They’ve gone past the point where a month of hard training will pull them back. They know that they have to fully change if they want to get their old self back again.  

Many of you reading this article may be way off making any sort of change. You say you want to start exercising and eating right, but you never fully commit to making any changes.

There’s also the type of person who makes one change, like joining the gym, joining a boot camp, signing up to a faddy diet, or finding a personal trainer who will provide them with a workout, but not change them or get results! These three routes are easy, they just involve turning up, doing the work and going home. They’re also the routes that leave people wondering why they haven’t got anything to show for it 2 months down the line. 

Just remember, diets are short term. Diets are not what you follow if you want to be in great shape long term, if you follow something for longer it’s called a nutrition lifestyle. People who change long term follow a set pattern of eating day in and day out that allows them to stay in shape, live a healthy life, enjoy certain treats and train hard. Diets all come to an end at some point, if you don’t put any new habits in place, you’ll just drop straight back into your old eating pattern.

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Why am I telling you this? Well after over 12 years of experience, I can safely say that I’ve consulted with nearly every type of person you can imagine. I know the difference between someone who says they want to change and those who actually get the job done!

I’m not going to leave you at this point, I want to explain why I think people struggle to make the change?

1. The emotional or physical pain that people are experiencing from being overweight and out of shape, just isn't enough for them do anything about it. What I mean by this is that most people haven’t reached a point at which being out of shape or unhealthy is affecting their life. The people who value their health, don’t wait for this time to come.

2. The reward isn’t enough for you. By this I mean that you haven’t connected the link between being in great shape and the health benefits it brings. If you start a training programme just because you think you need to, you’ll soon see yourself falling off the wagon. The reward for some people may be winning an event, or simply getting to a shape that they’ve never been before. If you have no clear goal to achieve, you’ll never receive a reward.

3. There’s no space in your life for change. Most people say they want to get started but there’s no time for them to add in the work that’s needed to change. Part of change is accommodating it and moving things out of the way to make space. One trick is to write down everything you do, and then look at which parts are vital to getting results, if it’s not necessary you need to get rid!

4. The people you spend most your time with are in the same shape as you, this puts you in a comfort zone. You need to challenge yourself by spending time with more people who are in shape. “Success breeds success” is a great saying. If you surround yourself with people who are doing well at something, it rubs off on you. Take this example, we have a female client who starts training. She starts to drop body fat and her body shape quickly starts to change. After a couple of months her husband calls and wants to get started. When they were both out of shape, they got settled into their comfort zone. Now she’s in shape, he wanted a slice of the action. Being in shape is infectious!

Now just before I wrap up, have a read through some of these questions and see how you come out.

1. Do you look in the mirror and feel disappointed by the way your body looks?

2. Do you acknowledge that the way you look is a result of poor eating choices and an unhealthy lifestyle.

3. Do you acknowledge that the medications (if you’re on them) you’re on are a result of you following a poor lifestyle or eating unhealthy?

4. Are you prepared to completely change the food that’s in your kitchen in order to get a result?

5. Are you prepared to make food either the night before or first thing in the morning, so that you’re prepared for everyday?

6. Are you prepared to eat a minimum of 5 meals per day?

7. Are you prepared to train a minimum of 4 times a week?

8. Are you prepared to get between 7 and 8 hrs restful sleep per night?

Whilst these are eight very simple questions, you can asses where you are in relation to being ready to change.

If you scored less than 4, you really need to stop and question if you’re really ready for the journey of ahead. These are some of the very basic questions that we ask of our clients before they make the commitment to train with us.

You may be thinking that the questions are quite harsh, but those that don’t follow even these basics are the ones who are always in search of results. The people we train come to see us ready to change, they’re not with us to remain the same.

Are you ready to make the change? Get in touch with the team today and find out how we can help you transform your body through M10 online coaching


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