What should you expect from your personal trainer?

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In the pursuit of achieving your health and fitness goals, some of you will choose to go it alone, whilst others will be thinking about working with a personal trainer. Hiring a coach is an investment, and one which a lot of people don’t really put that much thought into. The main reason is because you don’t know what to expect.

Many of you think you’re hiring someone to help you work out, however personal training is a lot more than that. You should be receiving a lot more for the money that you are spending.

What we see all too often nowadays, is personal trainers charging for a service that they don't deserve. They're winging it when their client turns up for a training session, so basically, they aren't even using a programme. Their client is told a few nutrition tips at the beginning, and months down the line nothing has been reviewed or changed. The assessment at the start is nothing more than a step on the scales at the beginning, and then sporadic checks to see if anything is happening.

As someone who is making an investment, you have a right to expect a high-quality service, especially if you're hiring a trainer for a specific goal. You won't come across many people who say that they're hiring their trainer just for a social and to waste money.

So, before you make your investment in 2020 do your homework, make sure you’re going to be working with a professional.

M10 blueprint

Below you will see a list of some key things that you should expect to receive as a minimum:

1. A full assessment: This should include body fat measurements, flexibility, posture, mobility assessment, health questionnaires, and a dietary review.

2. A nutrition plan: You should always be given one to follow (to whatever the trainer’s knowledge level is at that time).

3. A strength training and cardio programme: Not just a workout to follow for the day you're with your trainer, but a weekly plan where you know what you're doing every day. You should also be required to record your workouts away from the sessions with your trainer. This way he/she can see if you're making progress whilst you're on your own.

4. A new strength training and cardio programme: For some who are still making progress, it may run into the 5th or 6th week, but you must be given new programmes to challenge your body and to allow you to make progress. You should not be getting bored on a programme that's getting results - you get bored because you're not seeing any results!

5. Weekly or biweekly body fat/weight assessments.

6. Photographs: Still too many trainers miss this area out. Seeing is believing and pictures are one of the most motivating tools we as trainers have.

7. Communication: This is one of the biggest areas for me. It's actually one of the main things my father taught me when I was just starting out in business. If your trainer doesn't communicate with you between sessions, and expects to just chat for the first 20 minutes to see how you're getting on, you're not getting value for your training time. This is why I have feedback forms, and I also remain in constant contact (at certain set times) with my clients through the week.

8. Education: Your trainer should be teaching you what you are going through. A key to lasting change is learning as you go along.

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