Why fussy eaters don't make great fat loss clients

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As soon as someone sits in front of us and says that they don't like this, and they don't like that, we immediately know we've got trouble ahead.

Now do you think that they'll just be fussy about food? Not a chance, it tends to run as a pattern throughout their life.

Do you think that people with any level of success enjoy absolutely everything that they do, not all of it. But they do it because it's a vehicle to the success that they want to achieve. They don't moan, they just get their heads down and do it.

Fussy eaters end up presenting you with problem after problem, and 99.9% of them are simply an excuse for not actually wanting to do the work required to get in shape. In fact, I've never trained someone who moans, who's ends up becoming one of my transformations or high end results.

Now if you are someone who is fussy, think of this for a second.

You don't get a broad spectrum of nutrients as you limit the foods you eat, you develop food intolerances very quickly, your brain will be starved of essential foods that help you think, focus, and concentrate, you often under eat because of limited food choice, you have low levels of muscle mass, you have high levels of body fat, you generally moan about lots of other things that you seem to "have" to do in life, you don't really enjoy the training, and you're generally a moaner full stop.

Does this really sound like a recipe for fat loss and optimal health?

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Now I compare this to someone who says to me, what ever I need to do or eat to get in the best shape of my life, just tell.

I'm very honest with moaners, I tell them from the start that they're not going to do well. I actually give them a chance to go away, and make a decision if they really want the results that they're asking me to help them achieve.

If you are a moaner, just think about the goal you're placing in front of you, and ask yourself if it's realistic. If you're not ready, spend more time working on you first, before you enter into something that you'll need to enjoy and embrace.

Why spend most of your life unhappy, and being negative about so much. It doesn't take much work on yourself to turn that switch. Enjoying things in life, is so much easier than moaning about them.

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