4 ways to stay on track with your nutrition

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As humans, we thrive off structure and routine. When our routine changes, it can take some time to adapt back into a system that works for us. And whether we realise is or not, our diets will be changing along with us. 

Many factors influence our nutritional choices; from our surrounding environment, the amount of sleep we get, the stresses we encounter on a daily basis, and especially our levels of boredom. 

Here are some practical tips to help you stick to your nutrition plan


  • Sleep should remain a constant where possible. If you maintain good quality sleep, your body will have an improved ability to make decisions, control blood sugars, digest food, sustain energy levels and much more. Try having a set sleep and wake time, regardless of whether you’re working from home, working away, or not working. 
  • Number and timing of meals can be valuable when trying to uphold structure in your days. It doesn’t matter how many you decide or what times in particular but try to have some ball-park times to aim for as a general guideline to reduce endless consumption throughout the day. Try scheduling 3 meals and 2 snacks to start with, and adapt as you go to find what works best with your appetite. 


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  • Hydration is likely the biggest struggle for most individuals.Try to consume an adequate amount of water in the morning, either upon waking or with your first meal so that you’re not playing catch up for the rest of the day. Have a large bottle with you at all times that requires less filling up. And bolt it onto other habits rather than trying to create an entirely new one - for example consume 500ml water with every meal. 
  • Keep busy. Boredom eating is not a habit you want to develop - there is nothing mindful about eating when you’ve got nothing else to do and it can often develop into a poor relationship with food. A great way to avoid this is to simply stay busy. Give yourself daily tasks to accomplish, whether that’s work, reading, learning, hobbies, fitness, yoga, meditation or otherwise, it’ll be a way of keeping your mind busy and away from the thoughts of what’s in the fridge! 

Try implementing these simple tips into your life, and don’t let your situation dictate your nutritional habits

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