7 steps to get ready for a good night's sleep

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Nowadays, it is more widely acknowledged that rest, recovery and in particular, sleep quality, is just as important in overall health and wellbeing, as exercise and nutrition. Here are 7 steps to help you optimise your sleep

  1. Aim to go to bed, and get up, at the same time every day
  2. Expose yourself to natural sunlight by spending an hour outside of a daily basis
  3. Avoid bright screens 1-2 hours before bedtime by switching off mobile phones and TV (if you can tear yourself away from your favourite Netflix series!)
  4. Make sure your room is in complete darkness, by using blackout blinds, and at a comfortable temperature of around 18 degreesm10 blueprint e-book
  5. Exercise during the day, as this can help you sleep better at night
  6. Limit caffeine after 2pm as this can disturb your sleep, or make it more difficult for you to drift off
  7. Wind down an hour or so before going to bed. Try meditating, stretching, reading or having a bath

Try implementing these tips and make rest, recovery and sleep your priority!

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