Confused about nutrition?

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One of the most common questions I receive, is people asking if I can tell them more about nutrition.

Just like I say to people when they ask me for a training programme, what's your goal? I could give out a training programme, with the primary objective of making that person bigger, when their goal is to actually lose body fat.

I can talk about nutrition in a very open way. I can talk about the health benefits of omega 3 fats, the nutrient content of certain vegetables, or the protein intake for an average guy.

What many people fail to grasp, is that nutrition should be very specific to a certain goal. Not only are there immense health benefits to eating the right types of foods, but combining them at the right times, can produce such a large range of amazing results.

Now what might not be healthy in terms of body composition for an overweight person, may help a smaller and leaner person gain large amounts of muscle mass very quickly (and stay lean).

Overweight people really need to be limiting their intake of starchy and refined sugary foods, whereas I may ask someone a lot leaner to consume way over what most would consider normal. I've given very lean clients well over 150 grams of carbs around their workout, and similar in their post workout meals. From a nutritional stand point, this would seriously impact a heavily overweight person’s chances of getting lean (they'll actually get a lot fatter), and it'll more than likely push them close to blood sugar problems and chronic inflammation.

However, certain people can handle more sugars, and their bodies can process them a lot more efficiently. So you see, carbs from a nutritional stand point have their uses, especially in sports performance and bodybuilding, but you have to be very careful when working with heavily over weight clients.

So are carbs a healthy food, definitely. But just like all foods, they have to be placed strategically in a diet according to the goal.
So in future, research and ask not only about nutrition in general, but nutrition specific to your goal. If you do, you'll find the answers you will get, will be a lot more relative to you.

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