Don’t have time to eat 'this way'?

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This is a common excuse we receive from clients. 
At face value, “I don't have time to cook or prepare food like that” sounds like reasonable statement; however, it’s not an excuse that we accept at M10. Having a busy life isn’t reason enough to not feed your body with good, nutritious foods. 
If you allow time to dictate your success in preparing food, it’s likely that your progress in dieting will be severely limited. The issue is that in life you will go through phases of having time and not having time, which means you’ll also go through stages of being prepared and unprepared with food. 
This facilitates yo-yo dieting; but as you can appreciate from our previous articles, yo-yo dieting tends to be the source of many people’s frustration and something we strive to get away from. 
There are two solutions we would recommend if you think time is the limiting factor in your nutritional adherence: 

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Meal prep companies

 The role of a meal preparation company is to take away the hassle and worry of preparing your own food. We tend to recommend using one of these companies when a client’s time genuinely isn’t flexible due to high work demands or travel. 

Some hesitate due to the perceived expense of this service, however if your time is money, then it can be considered a bargain, as well as the fact that it actually costs more to waste your time not reaching your goal! 
Prioritisation of time
There are 168 hours in a week. Even for the busiest individual working 80 hour weeks that still leaves 88 hours. If you sleep 8 hours per day, that STILL gives you 32 hours left. But this isn’t about mathematics, it’s about how you choose to prioritise your time. You will spend your ‘spare’ time on things that you value, so the question is how much does your goal mean to you? 
We also tend to waste time drastically - check your phone screen time for this week.. how much time have you spent mindlessly scrolling through your feeds? And how much value has it added to your life, your physical goals or your professional goals? Now apply a limited screen time to your phone and utilise that time to help you reach your goals! 

The last thing to note here is that cooking is a skill, and regardless of whether you’re talented or not in the kitchen, you can still get better if you take an interest in it. Eating is a fundamental requirement in our lives - so it’s worth getting good at! We encourage all our clients to spend time cooking when they can, to experiment with foods and flavours, and to enjoy it wherever possible. Even when dieting, cooking doesn’t have to be boring. 
So next time you claim to not have time to eat according to your goals, re-read this article. 
We say it’s time to take back control of your nutrition.

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