How to stay on track with your fitness goals

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How many of you have that little devil on your shoulder? The one who pops up every so often and derails you from your goals.

You're all focused, sticking to your nutrition plan to the letter, training hard, and then up he comes and throws you off track.

In many cases that voice you're hearing is the old you. It's the old you that you're trying so desperately to move away from.

Many of you hear this voice, and let it take control. It tells you to go out and party, or start eating a load of junk food, or to back off training and spend more time with the friends you steered you off track with in the first place.

Many of you don't anticipate the voice popping up, and you're all unprepared when it strikes.

Just remember, that the old you has been in place for a very long time, it takes time to change. If you think you can hide away from all your old challenges, you've been very mislead. You will have that voice pop up every so often, and you will find it hard to stick to your journey, but it doesn't mean you can't push forward.

It's actually being faced with these challenges, and then overcoming them, which makes you able to deal with them in the future a lot easier.

When that voice pops up in future, just ask yourself a few questions.

- How far have your old friends come in their health and fitness goals (if they have any at all)?

- Who are you doing all this for (I hope you say you myself here)?

- Are the people who you used to spend time with, anywhere near where you want to be in life?

- Are the people who you now spend more time with, much like the person you'd like to be?

- Do the people that you now spend time with, have similar values and beliefs to you?

These five questions, will reconfirm to you why you're doing all this. Those quiet nights in when every one else it out, are for a reason. Place your mind firmly on how much this means to you. Each time you go through this, you'll come out the other end stronger and stronger.

We've been where so many of you are right now (a long time ago though), and had those long lonely nights in, fighting going back to your old self..

No one got anywhere in life, without any level of sacrifice.

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