The qualities associated with being in shape

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There are many people who think striving for a body shape to be proud of, is nothing but vain, unhealthy, selfish, time consuming and stressful.

I talk to people all the time about the "small percentages" in life. Doing those extra little bits on a day to day basis that could improve so many other areas of your life.

I also receive emails from people that I grew up with, asking for my help and guidance.  These people are actually similar to those who make up our client base at M10 - both in house and online. Growing up they happily admit that they thought poor health wouldn't catch them up, but they're now wishing they took better care of themselves. Waking up feeling tired, low energy in the afternoon, muscle aches, struggling to keep up with their children, the list goes on.

In my opinion, your external presentation (how you look), says a lot about you. It says a lot about your beliefs and values. I see so many people on a week to week basis, and it's the ones who work on their internal and external health, who have the most positive and focused outlook on life.

In business, I notice that these same people have more success. They're able to focus more all day, they rest well, they take time for themselves, and they also have plenty of energy to spend time with others.

Sure, you may be the first to say that you're feeling great, and you're not that bothered about how you look, but what if working more on you (even by 5%), could improve so many areas of your life? I don't know a man or woman who doesn't want to stand in front of the mirror in their underwear and look better.

Let me give you a list of the types of improvements I see from people, who do spend a lot of their time working on improving their physique, mind and nutrition.

  1. Psychological development (increased wellbeing and happiness)
  2. Decrease in levels of depression
  3. Increased day to day energy
  4. Improved memory and focus
  5. Sleep improvements (deep and restful)
  6. Less aches and pains
  7. Digestive health improvements
  8. Skin health improved
  9. Balanced blood sugar
  10. Less frequent colds and flu
  11. Improved cholesterol level
  12. Optimal blood pressure
  13. Increased sex drive
  14. Increased physical appearance 
  15. Improved strength

Take a look through the list above, and ask yourself if you could benefit from working on any of the areas. I guarantee that the quality of your life will improve if you do.

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