10 Habits Lean People Do Well

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We spend a lot of time studying the trends and commonalities that people have when they start out on our program, right through to the new habits they have when they finish. We also spend time looking at the habits that athletes live by and what it is that keeps them performing so well and staying in such good shape all year round.

People don't always arrive at M10 with these habits in place. It's down to us to install them which is something we are highly skilled at. It's one of the reasons we have such a high success rate with our clients who follow our systems. We coach all the habits required to be and stay in great shape, once installed it's up to the client to make sure they remain part of their daily life.

If you share at least 6 of the habits on this list, you're going in a pretty good direction towards living a lean life.

1.      Lean people always start their day with a protein based breakfast

A key ingredient to starting your day, amino acids delivered from protein supplies your brain with neurotransmitters (chemicals that give you drive and focus throughout the day). If you're someone that heads straight for the sugary cereals, you're headed for a drowsy mid morning crash and a day of snacking on sugary carbohydrates in order to keep your blood sugar levels elevated.  A drop in blood sugar will make you tired and lethargic, not the ideal recipe if you're about to hit to the gym. 

2.       They see training as part of their life and not a chore

Time and time again I hear people who moan about "having to" go to the gym. But then I talk to people that love being in shape and it's the best parts of their day, just as I see it. You can't get and stay in great shape whilst not enjoying how it makes you look and feel, the two don't go hand in hand. Sure training is hard, it should be if you want awesome results.

3.       They have vision of where they want to get to

Even though they might not be exactly where they want to be right now, they wake up every morning clearly knowing what they want to look like and they live out each day with that vision in mind. A key to being lean is that you must be able to see and feel yourself in shape in your mind, if you can't picture or
feel yourself as being lean you never will be.

4.       Lean people see food as an important part of their health and getting lean

Lean people don't have to be experts in nutrition or chemistry, they do however understand that food communicates with their body and together with hard training is the very reason they're in great shape.

5.       They enjoy cooking and experimenting with food

You can't live a lean life without enjoying experimenting with foods, spices and flavours. Being lean requires eating regularly throughout the day and therefore variety is an essential component. If you don't enjoy cooking, eating plain becomes very boring and it doesn't take long before your reaching for the sugary sauces to cover each meal.

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6.       They have a positive and happy outlook on life

People don't understand the principle "what you appreciate, appreciates". Basically being grateful, positive and happy will always come back to you. There's a very common theme amongst our clients who have successfully completed a full Body Transformation with us, they're positive people and they continually strive for excellence in everything they do.

7.       They get 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night

I've written about sleep before, but lean and healthy people see sleep as an important part of their success. Those that live on the hamster wheel and never take time out for themselves are often the ones with excess abdominal (or
belly) fat, the bit that people call their stubborn area. It's no surprise that our clients all get leaner when they get that magic 7 – 8 hours of unbroken sleep.

8.       They prepare their food the night before or first thing in the morning for the day ahead

People that care about the way they look put preparation into it looking that way. They think ahead of time about what they need and prepare their food accordingly. If you've not got it with you, soon enough your hormones will dictate what you reach for, often something sugary and a step in completely the wrong direction towards getting lean.

9.       They make being lean a priority in their life

At the beginning of every consultation I do with someone, I ask potential clients what the four most important priorities are in their life right now. The list usually goes along the lines of, work, spending time with their wife/husband, visiting parents, taking the children to events or spending time with them, spending time with friends, participating in hobbies, nights out partying etc. Now these are not listed in priority order, but you can see how life can get pretty full up for someone.

I've never had someone sit down and start their list off with, my health, being in great shape, training 4 times a week, having plenty of energy and feeling great. If being in shape is not a priority for you, it simply won't fit into the hectic life you lead and everything you place above it. I'm sure you're thinking, he's telling me to ditch all of my other priorities and I'm not. What you have to do is realise that those that put being lean and healthy up towards the top of their list always get it done and the rest of the list always works alongside it.

10.     They choose a social environment that's conducive with the way they want their body to look

Little do people know, but relationships are toxic towards your goal of being lean. Lean people have lean friends, if you want to live with a lean body, does it make sense to spend most of your time with friends that continually eat poorly and drink excess amounts of alcohol all the time? Choosing friends with beliefs and values that are completely different to your own steers you right off the path to being lean.

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