4 Strategies to relieve body aches & pains

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If you're currently suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches or general discomforts then we promise you're not the only one.

The predominant issue is that humans aren't designed to remain in a single place for hours at a time, we're designed to move. Think about your day today? How many hours did you spend sitting down to work or to watch TV or even driving? When we expose ourselves to very little movement it's inevitable that we will experience discomfort of some kind.

Before we get into our top tips, we want to say that this isn't a cure-all article and if you are suffering from severe pain, we would advise seeing a physical therapist of some kind. The tips in this article are just some of the strategies we have used with clients to get them out of pain.


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1.Try to break up your day with movement

This doesn't even have to be a form of specific exercise, just try to expose your joints and tissues to ranges of motion different to when you're working at your desk. This will help move fluid, blood and nutrition into joints to keep them healthy.

For example; having a stretch in the morning, going for a walk during your lunch break or Yoga/Pilates online in the evening. Don't overthink it, just move.


2. Manage your working environment

Try to be aware of what position you're promoting. If you have to excessively bend over to type and look at the screen, your neck won't be thankful.

Aim for a set up that promotes an upright posture, but also the freedom to step side-to-side and just move a little. If your DIY skills are lacking, the investment in a standing desk frame is absolutely worth it.

3. Manage your stress

It's one of the last things on people's minds when they are suffering niggles and pains, but your stress factors may be the exact reason you're suffering in the first place.

Chronic stress not only increases resting tension in tissues, but it can actually change the way you breathe. By breathing heavy, through the chest and with the mouth, you're contracting the musculature around the neck constantly - which further exacerbates your pain/tightness in that area.

We recommend consciously nasal breathing as much as possible, along with stress management techniques such as meditation, walks, exercise and gratitude.

4. Get stronger

This is something our clients can definitely attest to. Gaining strength, especially in areas that are particularly weak, is a fantastic way to reduce aches, pains and tightness.

Every muscle in your body has a role to fulfil. When a muscle is very weak, another muscle may try to complete that role instead. This can create a network of issues along that chain. Cue pain.

If you currently do no form of strength training, then we would recommend introducing some to your routine. 


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