4 Ways to improve how you cope with stress

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It's Stress Awareness Month.

Although this can just sound like a trend, we have seen first-hand the negative impacts that chronic stress can have on people. So to have a month dedicated to increasing awareness is important!

Varying from illness, weight gain, poor sleep and putting unnecessary pressure on relationships, chronic stress can manifest itself without you even noticing. If you constantly feel tired, have poor sleep quality, digestive issues, weight management issues, severe menstrual fluctuations or bad cravings, stress may be playing a big factor in your life.

Humans have a terrible habit of normalising high stress and low quality lifestyles. It's only when we, as coaches, say that you shouldn't be putting up with all those symptoms, that changes start to take place.

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So where do we begin?

  1. Awareness - As with anything, it starts at the head. You can't improve an issue that you can't identify. We recommend you break down your day-to-day life, find the areas that cause you the most stress and then try to learn how that stress influences you.
  2. Accept your stress - We don't expect people to not have stresses, they're part of life. By accepting your stressors, understanding them and expecting them, you can gain some control over them. This should give you the foresight to deal with them in a positive manner.
  3. Reduce your stimulants - Caffeine often exacerbates stress and the pathways associated with anxiety. If you know that you have particularly stressful times of the day/week, we highly recommend reducing your coffee intake around these periods, even though that may seem like the opposite of what you normally do!
  4. Stress management - Over years of coaching people, we've found that this is incredibly individual. Find your own ways of bringing your stress down, even if that's away from the fitness scene. That's not to say that exercise isn't a brilliant mechanism, it is, but you probably won't be training at 8pm after a busy day at work! We've seen success in various forms - movies, books, family time, dogs (of course), so try and find your own and ensure it's within your daily/weekly routine.

As discussed, stress has more impact on our physical and mental health than we give credit, but hopefully now you should have some strategies in place to deal with your own stress in the best possible way.

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