Are you really 'on it'?

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When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, there's a very big difference between saying you're doing it and actually being seriously "on it".

So many people say that they're really focused, they're really training hard and they're eating well. But they're not really "on it". They miss meals, they miss training sessions and they eat off plan, when they're not supposed to. This type of person is usually the one complaining when they're only making small progress steps, if any at all.

When it comes to really being on it, absolutely everything is 100% bang on. If you have to weigh your food, every single meal is weighed and prepared. In the gym, you record every single rep and you never miss a workout. If you're allowed planned free meals, you have them only when instructed.

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Being bang on is a term we use a lot with our body transformation clients, and they very quickly adjust to the way we do things. They understand the importance of following our plan to get them in the best shape of their lives.  

Have you ever wondered how people get in amazing shape, in relatively short periods of time? They're always bang on with everything they do. The people who question some of the results they see, are always the people who have never experienced really being on it.

When you're not getting the results you're expecting, just ask yourself if you're really on it, or if you're just cruising?

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m10 blueprint

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