Are you struggling to get your clients to comply?

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We receive quite a few emails from personal trainers asking us how we get our clients to comply with our programme? 

If someone isn't compliant, they're completely resistant to your programme, rules or guidelines. When someone won't comply with something, it's simply because they don't want to do it. So to make someone compliant, you have to somehow stop them being resistant to your coaching. Now there are ways of doing this, that can get into the realms of psychological coaching.

However, in this article, we are going to explain a method we use to prevent working with non compliant clients.

When we're hired to get people in the best shape of their lives, do you think we should really be spending the first month, almost persuading them to stick to the programme? A non compliant client, will always be the one moaning about the programme, rather than being hugely excited about their future and the positives of being in shape.

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There are trainers who thrive on working with non compliant clients, they love spending more time talking than they actually do training. If you're a results based coach, it's not too much to expect all of your clients to arrive at your gym ready to be compliant and in the right mindset to train hard.

We can safely say that almost all of our clients are 100% compliant. They may have taken a few months to decide if they're ready to work with us, but that delay will have allowed them time to get in the right mindset. When we receive emails or calls from prospective clients, compliancy is always one of the first subjects we bring up. It's an approach that ensures all of the M10 team have a client list of people working their arses off to change. If someone isn't ready to work with us, we tell them.

It may be a different approach to others, but the way we work ensures our clients arrive ready to comply with our programme right from the start.

If you're a coach who enjoys the psychological journey with clients who don't want to change, but say they do, then good on you. If you want to get working with compliant clients right from the start, then adopt a stricter approach to the interviews you do with prospective clients.

So you see, we don't actually have to coach compliancy to our clients, they arrive all ready to go!

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m10 blueprint

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