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The fitness world is a family, it's something that very few people understand. It's a culture, not something that you can dip your toe into, and expect to understand. Many people try and be a part of it, by simply going to the gym, or starting a diet. Whilst you are on the right track, making it that far is only just the start.

By going to the gym, or eating a bit healthier, you're kind of sitting on the fringe of the fitness world, it's a place where you can easily fall off, and many of you do. You spend many lonely days hiding away from your friends, because they drive temptation in your face daily. Before long, you give in and go back to your old ways.

What I mean by sitting on the fringe, is that you've not fully submerged yourself into into the new world. You've kept one foot in your old world, and the other foot paddling in the fitness world. How many of you can relate to this?

Remember, it's taken you your whole life to create the world you're in now. It's going to take some real effort, strength and commitment, to change it now.

Being part of a fitness family/world means you're training around people who share your passion for living healthy and training hard. You spend time outside of the gym with like minded people, talking about health, fitness, and training. These same people don't challenge every healthy meal you have, in fact they eat the same as you do. In this world, you don't feel that you have to keep your passion under wraps, the people around you want you to share your thoughts.


Many of you won't make it further than where you're at right now, unless you take a hard look at the world you're clinging onto. If you're happy living half of your life in party land, and half your life dipping into a bit of training/eating healthy, accept that you'll struggle to keep consistent with your results.

Making the change and stepping away from your old life will be hard, but remember that you're now choosing this new path.

Surrounding yourself daily with people who share your passion is the first step to change. Enrolling your family and those friends who are interested is vital, this ensures that you can live your new life comfortably at home.

Don't expect people who have no understanding of the fitness world to understand. Place all your energy on discovering new friends, rather than forcing those who don't care.

Attend more fitness events, where you have a chance of meeting many like minded people.

Be patient, and remain focussed on the new life ahead. This will take time, but if it's something you really want, you'll have a new circle of people around you in no time. 

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