How to balance your social life with your fitness goals

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As we get closer to the holiday season, maintaining a social life can be tough when you’re trying to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

There are tempting treats, more nights out than usual and tasty desserts, which can sometimes throw us off track and keep us out of the gym.  This can be a very conflicting situation to be caught in, we know because we've been there too! So how can you enjoy your social life and still reach your goals?

So here are our favourite tips to effectively balance your physical and social life.

1. Double down on weeks that fit your goals

There will be weeks where the stars align and it becomes easy to remain consistent with nutrition and training. It could be a week where your friends are busy, and work is quiet, therefore distractions are low and training stress can be high. Double down on weeks like this.

Other weeks, it's your cousin's wedding and your boss has dumped a truckload of work on your desk to be completed by Sunday. Sometimes accepting maintenance on a week like this is better than unrealistically trying to achieve something and failing.

A.k.a set yourself up for success! And remember that maintenance is not a step backwards

2. Environment always trumps will

We have a finite amount of willpower. Some people have more, others have less.

Regardless, at some point your's will run out, therefore it's important to put yourself in surroundings that are most conducive to your goals. This way your willpower isn't being tested 90% of the day.

Don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for support in your dietary choices. The people that surround us have a large impact on our decisions and thoughts, whether we like it or not. If you try to isolate yourself in your journey, it's more likely that you will fail to sustain that body long-term.

3. Ensure your physical journey is multi-phasic.

This is probably one of the most valuable things to go into any dieting phase with.

Most people head into their physical endeavours with a false impression that they have to continuously progress. The reality is that you probably don't need to put that much pressure on yourself. Have an idea of phases when you're going to push progress and other times when you're going to maintain.

This may not be appropriate for individuals that only give themselves a 6 week timeframe, but for others that simply want to reach a certain body shape/weight then try to predict the best time of year to do so.

For example, we know how important movement is to changing body shape. Is it going to be easier to get higher daily steps when the days are longer and weather is warmer? ABSOLUTELY! Trying to achieve the same in winter is a tougher target to hit.

It sounds so simple but the reality of these little things adding up either ensures success or struggle for many.

So coming into this summer ask yourself these things;

  1. What would an ideal week look like to push hard?
  2. Who have I got to support me in my journey?
  3. What times of year might it be better to maintain?


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