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When people are looking for a personal trainer in Nottingham, most of the time they look for a motivator, someone who can push them a bit more and make them work a bit harder. What they don’t think is if the personal trainer has the skills to bring out the best in them. Does the trainer get results with the system they use?

A lost skill with many trainers, is the ability to bring out the competitive edge in someone. Too many people cruise through training, giving it very little effort, but they still expect results.

Our successful clients who have personal training in Nottingham, all have the desire to do better every time we see them. They're also very disappointed, if for any reason they don't. It's often followed up with the question, what do I have to do to get better.

Some people say that they just don't have it in them, I have to disagree. We've all got a competitive edge, no one likes losing at anything. Most people channel it towards things that their passionate about, and maybe being the best you can be in the gym, just isn't that important to you.

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We've had many clients who sign up for personal training in Nottingham, and we can immediately tell that they've never really been competitive in the sporting world. In the business world maybe, but this goes back to my point about everyone having a competitive edge in them.

When people don't seem to have it, it's our job to coach the skill. Too many people go into the gym with no clear objective, they turn up just to say they've been!! Our clients who have personal training in Nottingham, turn up knowing what they're going to do, and what they've got to better from last time. We teach them how to push through the pain barrier and to not give up at the first sign of fatigue.

It doesn't take us long before our personal training clients are asking us what time they've got to beat in their conditioning sessions, what weight they've got to beat, or how many more reps they've got to get to beat their last session. Before they know it, they've developed that competitive training edge and you'll be surprised how much quicker they achieve their results. They also come in to see us after training at health clubs, and they tell us how many people they've seen who don't train hard!!

If I'm strength training, I might be thinking about the weight I've got to lift, as early as lunchtime the day before. In fact I often get nervous thinking about it! If i'm lifting for any level of volume, my goal is to do more work in the training time, to push past a pain barrier or to lift more across the session. I always record my sessions and I always want to beat my my numbers. The competition lies between me and the weights, but it's enough to make me work harder and harder every time.

What could be holding you back from getting results with your personal trainer, is your inability to bring that competitive edge into your training. Try getting a training partner, this alone will make you work way harder. If you don't already, you must keep a training log, this will show you how much more you've got to do every time you train. Give yourself short term goals, and do everything you can to hit each one of them. If these fail and you really want to learn how to bring that edge to your training, hire an M10 personal trainer in Nottingham

At first my first few tips may be a chore, but it will become ingrained in you as a new habit and it won't leave you.

Bring this skill in to your training, and take your results to another level.

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