How to get more out of your clients

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One of the many roles of a personal trainer is to push our clients out of their comfort zone.

In fact, it's one of the most effective ways to build their autonomy and self-confidence. When a client can grow into an environment/state of mind they previously felt uncomfortable in, they start to discover things they never thought possible.

But it can be difficult to get someone to change their mindset, their habits and ultimately their life. If it was simply about relaying knowledge, results would be easy to achieve!

So how can we get more from our clients and draw out the best version of themselves?

1. Take control of the coaching relationship

This is certainly the most common issue coaches face when taking a client through a journey.

As with a new relationship, we want to avoid the friend-zone! If you aren't a coach first and friend second, then you can quickly lose the respect and control within that partnership.

This is not us saying you can't be friendly, have a laugh or empathise with your clients, as these are all fundamental to coaching too, however don't let your clients lead the training session. If they talk too long between rest periods, or they're consistently late to sessions, it's okay to respectfully ask them to raise their effort to the process.

2. Raise the expectations of both yourself and the client

Following on from the first point, if you have low expectations and poor personal standards then you will both likely struggle throughout the journey. Set the stall out early with expectations of both parties, and you will find it much easier to gain momentum. If you play your part, then the ownership is put onto your client to pull their weight too.

Ultimately, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. This is the same with client results. You can lay out the path, but only they can walk it.

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3. Map out the journey clearly to your client

If your client doesn't have a clear vision of where they're going, they can get easily derailed. We have an obligation to our clients that we have each phase mapped out in front of them so they know what to expect, and when. This also helps greatly with fleeting motivation, as the phases act as short, medium and long-term goals to remain accountable to.

By understanding each part of the process, the timeframes and effort required, all decisions and behaviours can be made with greater awareness of consequences.

Whilst they are simple, these 3 pieces of advice will stand you on solid ground when coaching your client to work hard, smarter and more consistently.

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