Programme design considerations for personal trainers

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As a coach, having confidence in your programming is imperative. It's also one of the primary reasons Personal Trainers join our Mentorship Programme.

After qualifying with your Level 3, it's very likely you're left feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to start, and unconfident in the applicability of your programming. You might not even programme for your clients at all because of this! Nevertheless, it's one of the biggest components of a Personal Training career, so having a framework will help both you and your clients progress.

1. Keep It Simple

Imposter syndrome comes with a host of behaviours, one of which is comparison and mimicry. If you see other coaches implementing various services, programming and coaching styles, you feel like you should be doing the same.

The irony is that this isn't likely to benefit YOUR clients.

Programme exercises and sessions that you understand, and can therefore explain to your client will always succeed. Unless you're training athletes, your clients are unlikely to be advanced enough to need complex variations and intensifiers, so keep things basic!

2. Progression > Variation

Stop changing your sessions!

The first phase of any programme is acquiring the skill to perform. The next phase will then be progression. This means your clients need AT LEAST 8 weeks on the same training sessions before any variation is implemented.

Give your clients time to get great at the movements within their programme, and you'll both see much more progression.


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3. Less Is More

As mentioned above, we mostly train the general population. Our clients have lives outside of the gym, and therefore don't need 4-5 sessions a week that last over an hour.

Recovery is just as important as stress for adaptation, but most general population lead very stressful lives already. Therefore it's our job to manage those stressors first, and build from there.

With clients, less is more. Setting reasonable, achievable targets, as well as spending some time improving elements of their lifestyle will gain plenty of momentum.

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