Easy Peezy Chilli

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Makes 3 meals



500g Grass fed lean mince steak 

1x large onion

2x cloves garlic

10x cherry tomatoes

1.5 tbsp organic tomato puree

1x tsp cumin

1x tsp paprika

1x tsp cayenne chilli powder (more if you like it HOT!)

1x heaped tbsp. tomato puree

½ pint water (+ gluten free/lactose free veg stock cube)

1x heaped tsp green & blacks organic dark coco powder

olive oil / coconut oil for cooking


1.      Lightly fry onion, garlic & steak mince until cooked

2.      Add water & stock cube

3.      Chop and ¼ cherry tomatoes  + add to pot

4.      Simmer for 2-3 mins

5.      Add all spices, pinch of sea salt, black pepper & coco powder

6.      Simmer for 15-20mins

Serve with cauliflower rice & rocket salad.

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