Spicy Vegetables with Haddock & prawns

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Prep Time: 20min

Serves 1



1x piece of haddock

50g king prawns

¼ courguette

¼ white cabbage

4x asparagus spears

1x red fresh red chilli

4x spears of Romanesco (cross between a broccoli & cauliflower)

1.      Cook haddock in foil with cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt

2.      Saute all veg  & prawns (except asparagus) in a pan (Cover with lid) include a little water, cajun spices & cracked black pepper. Cook until veg soften (Be careful not to allow veg to go soggy!). Add asparagus spears 5 mins before you intend to serve.

Drizzle balsamic glaze over veg & fish and serve …

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