Tarragon chicken with sweet potato mash

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 1 large red onion

2-3 cloves of garlic (or to your taste)

4 strips of turkey bacon (TB)

4 medium sized chicken breasts

2 tsp tarragon (or to suit your taste)

2 tsp paprika

4 small sweet potatoes

1 pint of water

PREP TIME: 20mins


Chop up onions, garlic and snip TB into thin strips

 Leaving skin on chop sweet potato into chunks, place on an oven proof dish, sprinkle on ground black pepper

Lightly fry off onions, TB and garlic using a little coconut oil/olive oil on a medium heat

Transfer onions, garlic and TB into a casserole dish and layer the bottom

Sprinkle in paprika and tarragon (do not stir)

Lay chicken breast on top

Pour over 1 pint of water

Replace lid and put in medium heated oven (gas mark 7) for approx. 30mins or until chicken is cooked (check regularly)

Place sweet potato in the oven to roast for approx. 25 mins (or until soft – check often)

Once cooked remove and roughly mash

Once the chicken is cooked, remove and put on a separate plate

If there is still a fair bit of juice at the bottom of the casserole dish, put on hob and cook on a medium heat for 10mins to reduce the fluid down.

Add roughly chopped sweet potato and mix in (mash)

Serve with broccoli and asparagus

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