4 ways to build more muscle tissue

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There are many guys who email or speak to us on a daily basis about having issues with gaining muscle tissue.  No matter how much they've trained, they don't seem to be responding or see the growth that they are wanting. 

Does this sound like you? And have you ever questioned the reason behind this?

Here's some things for you to think about.

1. Training frequency

So many people limit training certain muscle groups to once a week. After I prolapsed a disk in my back and got back to training, I trained my quads twice and hamstrings once each week (I train my legs twice a week now). They became a weak body part because I hadn't trained them for so long through my injury. Training frequently was the reason why they grew back so quickly. You don't have to train legs three times a week, you could maybe look at two. What you will have to do, is lower your volume on certain other muscle groups, to allow for the extra volume.

2. Eating enough to stimulate muscle repair and growth

Many people eat way too little to even support muscle tissue development. I can always tell when someone doesn't eat much, as they gulp when I hand them their new meal plan.

Try multiplying your current weight in pounds by 18, and you'll have a nice ball park figure for muscle development.

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3. Exercise variation

Many guys stick to the same exercises, they never change angles, they never overload weak points in certain lifts, and as a result their muscles get used to the movements and are slow to respond. Vary your exercises regularly, and hit your muscles from as many angles as possible.

4. Isolation training

Some people stick to the big compound lifts (squats, chins, rows, deadlifts), in the hope that all their muscles will develop at the same rate. Unfortunately overdeveloped or dominant muscles often take over, and lagging muscles groups receive less stimulation. To really overload a weak and underdeveloped muscle group, you have to place specific focus and attention to it. So if you want your arms to grow, train them in isolation. Many people will not see arm development from doing chins and rows alone.

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