5 Tips for building an awesome set of shoulders

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Building an impressive set of shoulders can be as simple as doing a few dumbbell presses and a few lateral raises... for some. However, for those that aren’t genetically blessed, you might have to put thought and planning into your programme design.

Here's 5 things to consider in your quest to achieve your own set of boulders:

1. You think that because sloppy technique works for your favourite bodybuilder, that it'll work for you too. So you use momentum through each rep and fail to create continual demand on the delts through a full range of motion. SLOW DOWN.

2. Strength and size are correlated. If you’re starting with very small shoulders, you might have to accept using a relatively light load appropriate to the leverage of the joint. This is especially true on leverage-based movements such as lateral raises.

3. Speaking of load, you’re trying to remain rigid in your rep ranges. You stick with heavy weights for 8-10 reps each set. But remember that hypertrophy occurs with multiple stimulus - one being metabolic stress. This is achieved at a higher rep ranges, whether the muscle tissue to placed under tension for longer periods of time. Try using higher rep ranges on your lateral raises.

4. You train the anterior delts 2-3x more than the medial and posterior heads. Not only is the going to present poorly in development, but it could also cause issues at the shoulder joint itself. Instead, try 2 exercises each for the anterior, medial and posterior deltoid heads.

5. Training shoulders once per week may not cut it. If you need an underdeveloped muscle group to grow, you must expose it to more frequency. So for most people we would include shoulder work twice and even three times per week.

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