Programme design for hamstrings

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When coaching new clients, we often see that the hamstrings of the individual are under-developed. Today we’re going to look at why that is, and what we do to fix that.

Problem #1:
You lack the skill to contract them through various ranges, in both knee and hip flexion/extension. This is often because you can’t create a stable base to contract from, or you’re trying to lift significantly heavier than you can handle.

Our Fix:
Find the appropriate resistance to use, whilst improving your awareness of bracing and holding certain joints in place as the muscle contracts. Use leg curls and hip extension frames as a starting place.

Problem #2:
Your programme has an unnecessary amount of quad exercises and very few posterior-focused exercises.

Our Fix:
Create a balanced programme that targets quads, glutes and hamstrings with exercises that match your personal mechanics. Note, this doesn’t mean we try to target hamstrings with an exercise built for quad development. Keep your hamstring focus on leg curls and hinges.

Problem #3:
Your gym has a poor range of equipment that doesn't allow you to programme effective sessions.

Our Fix:
Find a new gym! We know this is easier said than done, but a gym with a range of high quality equipment is worth your investment. Our other suggestion here is to learn more about anatomy and training, in order to make the most of what you’ve got.

Problem #4:
You’re spending too much time in a deficit. You’re not feeding yourself enough to develop tissue.

Our Fix:
Plan your year into phases of dieting and not dieting. If you’re dieting for more than 4-6 months per year, you’re leaving a lot of development on the table, especially for tissues that are tougher to grow like the hamstrings.



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