Why Inflammation Can Slow Muscle Growth

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High levels of body fat gained during a mass growth phase, will likely promote increased inflammation in your body. The more inflamed your body is the slower you will recover from training, and the slower you will build muscle tissue. Inflammation can also damage the good bacteria in your gut and weaken your immune system. Poor digestion will slow down the breakdown of food and delay the absorption of quality nutrients getting in your blood stream.

Inflammation is often caused as a result of declining health. The health decline is seen as people pile on body fat. The common trend is a poor balance of healthy fats, increased poor quality foods increasing stress on the digestive system, life stress and high levels of carbohydrate foods.

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Some signs of inflammation are poor recovery from training (can also be poor peri workout nutrition), skin conditions, poor digestion (such as IBS and celiac), brain fog, arthritis, frequent illness, poor energy levels auto immune diseases.

Inflammation is linked to many minor and major diseases, if you don't know a lot about it I'd advise you do some further research.

I look at it like this. Flexible and healthy tissue / cells will expand and contract nicely. This gives a perfect environment for repair and growth. Tight and unhealthy tissue / cells don't like to be stretched and certainly won't be in a position to repair and grow optimally.

Gone are the days of piling on high levels of body fat in a muscle building phase and making yourself unhealthy in the process. You will gain some muscle tissue, but you'll also be gaining an even higher percentage of useless body fat.

Be smart and take your time to build muscle tissue. Drive your weight up and monitor your body fat level regularly. If it does start to creep up, take yourself through a mini diet to bring it back down. Then start to push your weight up again. You'll build more quality tissue and stay in condition longer.

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