Why quick fix fad diets won't improve your body shape

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Do you want to get the body of your dreams, to look and feel great?

As questions go, that’s a bit of a no brainer – let’s face it, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be in the best shape ever?

But if that’s an easy one to answer, here’s one that’s a bit more difficult – do you know how to get the results you want, to be fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier and stay like that?

Perhaps you think following a weight loss programme is the way to go. Chances are you’ve even tried a few, looking for the ultimate system to get that perfect body shape. And now you’re probably wondering where you’ve been going wrong, why all that effort’s been for nothing…

So what is body composition and how does it differ from weight loss?

Put simply, weight loss is just a reduction of total body mass, while the definition of body composition is the percentage of fat, bone and muscle in the human body.

So when we talk about the difference between weight loss programmes and body composition training, on the one hand we’re talking about just changing a number, the one you see when you get on the scales, and on the other it’s all about addressing the all-important ratios of those three components.

Following one of the many weight loss programmes out there, eating a low calorie diet and spending hours on the treadmill, might help you shed the pounds but weight isn’t all you’ll be losing. There are lots of “skinny fat people” around whose diets and exercise programmes have robbed their bodies of vital nutrients, bone density and muscle mass. And they’re left not only dissatisfied with their physiques but lacking in energy and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Contrary to public perception, just being small doesn’t mean you’re healthy!

How does the M10 system get you that great body shape?

Compare this with what happens when you start improving your body composition. Not only will you be losing weight, if that’s one of your goals, but more importantly you’ll be losing body fat too, building lean muscle mass and developing a toned physique you can be proud of.

next level body challenge

Instead of the low intensity, long duration exercise common in standard weight loss programmes, your tailor-made programme concentrates on high intensity work using strength training and conditioning systems, proven to increase bone density, reduce injury risk and increase your V02 max.[1]

What’s more, you can forget all about low calorie diets too. When you work with a coach at M10, you’ll be eating in a way that’s health-centred and health-promoting, that gives your body all the nutrients it needs to function optimally. The result? Improved cellular function and skin health, increased energy, better sleeping patterns – and you won’t go hungry either!

Measuring your progress

When you follow a classic weight loss programme, you’ll have just two ways of measuring your progress. The scales will tell you how much weight you’ve lost and you might be charting the drop in your BMI too.

If you’ve stuck with the programme, the results may seem impressive at first glance but they won’t tell the full story – remember what we said earlier about raised stress levels, loss of energy, reduced muscle mass and bone density (which can lead to osteoporosis)? Not to mention the fact that the majority of weight loss isn’t actually fat loss…

Our approach to monitoring your progress is very different. We use tests for body composition thatallow us to set realistic goals and adjust your training programme where necessary. And measuring body composition closely means we’re able to make sure you’re losing what you need to lose while you hold onto and improve what you need to retain and increase.

Photographs, taken before you start and at regular intervals throughout the programme,show just how much your physique has changed. Toned, flat, lean and shaped are words we hear all the time when people coming our gym talk about what they want to achieve – we’ve yet to meet a client who doesn’t honestly want to look in the mirror and like what they see…

We go way beyond the measuring tape, body fat callipers are one of our most valued tools and as the fat literally melts away before your eyes, they’ll soon become one of yours too! The measurements we take at 12 key points across your body help us to monitor fat loss week by week; then, using specially-designed computer software, the data we collect is analysed to determine how the ratios of lean muscle mass and body fat percentage have changed. This information also allows us to identify hormonal imbalances that may be affecting your body composition.  

The end result – what you see and what you don’t!

Some of the results you’ll achieve will be obvious, not only to you but to everyone around you.

Follow our body transformation programme and in as little as three months you’ll find your shape has changed beyond recognition – not only that but you’ll like the way it’s changed. Leaner, stronger, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat – what’s not to like about all that?

And we hardly need to tell you how that’s going to improve the relationship between you and your body. Think about it – just how much will a better body increase your self-confidence?

The health-centred way you’ll be eating now is anti-ageing too. You’ll see dramatic improvements in your skin tone and elasticity– your energy levels will be so much higher, making it easier to concentrate, both at work and at home – and you’ll be sleeping better and be much less stressed.

Although you might not be able to see that your immune system is stronger, you’ll certainly feel the benefits this brings – you won’t see the increase in bone density but you’ll know you’re better protected against injury and osteoporosis as a result – and eliminating toxins and balancing hormonal levels will leave you feeling cleaner and healthier too.

The results speak for themselves

We know that the results we get with our body transformation clients speak for themselves but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at what some of them have achieved and what they have to say.

If you'd like to know how we help our clients at M10 achieve results, pick up a copy of our popular Next Level Body Challenge ebook today by clicking the link below.


[1] VO2 Max is the maximum capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen during maximal levels of exercise.

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