Stuart did it!!

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December the 4th 2010, the big day for Stuart Birch.

17 weeks of hard training, 16lbs of lean muscle gained and he was ready! The gritter were out at 3 am making sure the road was ready and his team had been sweeping the water away all morning. The temperature had started to rise which made sure there was no freeze to worry about.


Both Stuart and myself had no idea how many people would turn up at the event but we went ahead with all the preparations as planned.

11 am warm up at M10 and at 11.45 we positioned ourselves at the end of the village waiting for the call.

As soon as we pulled aound the corner we couldn't believe the amount of people that had turned out to support the big day!

The music started, and both Stuart and myself walked past the crown and prepared the harness.

The rest needs no description, the video below can do all the talking!

Well done Stuart, very proud of you mate!

Sunday, 5 Dec 2010