Congratulations to Iain Hook who reached Everest base camp.

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Iain Hook aged 58, who lives in Brant Broughton near Lincoln left university in the 1970's and became a professional climber and mountain guide. He had a serious climbing accident prior to going on a major expedition to Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Due to those injuries he never made that trip, nor did he make it back into the mountains.

During the early Autumn this year he decided to make that long overdue journey to Mount Everest.


After extensive training with Mark Coles at M10 Fitness, he set off for Kathmandu in October and successful reached the old and new base camps of Mount Everest on the 29th October 2010.

Iain accompanied by a plastic surgeon from Australia were the only two out of 15 to reach the camp at Mount Everest with the others suffering from altitude sickness .


His next challenge is to complete the London Marathon in 2012 as he is a Director of the race and is also involved in the staging of the London Olympics Marathon in the same year

Well done from all of us at M10 Iain

Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011