New kit arrival

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We have made a few additions to the gym recently. So in true Christmas Style I ordered nearly everything to arrive the week before Christmas! Some of you may think that waiting for new gym kit is slightly boring, but those of you in the game will know its as good as Christmas for us!

We're still waiting for the main bulk of the kit which will include 4 new Hammer Strength pieces of equipment from Life Fitness and a new set of Dumbbells. The dumbbells are no ordinary set of free weights, they are custom a made Poles apart wedge 40 system made by Black Iron strength in the US. We will be the first facility to have these dumbbells in the UK! Keep an eye out for their arrival!!

So the first part of the kit arrival a week or so ago, 2 sets of Eleiko Olympic plates, 3 Eleiko bars and a Power rack.


Above are two weightlifting bars and one powerlifting bar.

The two bars have very distinct qualities. The powerlifting bar which is used for lifting heavy loads like in the deadlift, squat and bench press. These are slower lifts so you therefore do not want so much elasticity or bend in the bar. The weightlifting bar on the other hand is more flexible and is suited for quicker lifts like the olympic lifts. It has alot more bend which allows the fast lifts to be accomplished alot easier and is safer on the joints.


The Power rack was made by Watson Strength in the UK. Power rack training takes your training to a whole new level. Not only can you perform lifts like your regular squats and bench press, but you can train to improve your lifts sticking points using the pins. Certain strength training systems can be used to accomplish this like isometrics and isometronics.


One of the highlights of delivery was the two sets of Olympic plates. I ordered two sets, one for the half rack and one for the power rack.

The quality of the plates that Eleiko make are by far the best I have ever come across. Having been to the Eleiko factory on two occasions, I know what craftsman ship goes into each and every one of the products they make.

As you can see above, having a 5kg plate the size of a usual 20 kg makes so much difference. We train alot of females and this allows us to start deadlifting technique without having to use the blocks.

Not long now till the rest of the kit arrives, so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, 22 Nov 2010