New Kit arrives

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 It's been a long 4 months since I placed my order for a set of Black Iron Strength Dumbbells. The day arrived last week when a lorry turned up at the gym with our poles apart wedge 40 set, some thick grip D handles to use on the free motion and a black iron strength thick bar.

Here's some pictures of the new kit




 Each dumbbell is engraved with our M10 logo

In addition to the dummbells arriving, we also took delivery of our new Hammer Strength equipment from Life Fitness. The order consisted of a leg press, a glute/ham machine and a bench press.

12  P1000945


  The gym is now fully kitted out with everything we need to train our athletes and to continue to deliver the highest level of Personal Training in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln.


Monday, 31 Jan 2011