Racing Motorsports fitness - Stalker's back training at M10

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After ticking over all winter, Stalker’s back in full training with Mark Coles at M10 Fitness.

Mark has been training Stalker for 2 years now and 2011 will be the start of their 3rd year working together. Mark is pleased to announce that after working with Stalker for the last 2 seasons, he is officially sponsoring him for the 2011 season.


Stalker’s training leading up to the start of each year is planned out very specifically; he follows a set training plan designed by Mark that leads him right up to the start of the racing calendar. Training starts with a preparation phase which lasts about 3 weeks. This means that Mark looks at all the imbalances the previous season has kicked up for Stalker. These arise from injuries he has picked up or postural imbalances that have been caused from the position he spends most of the time in whilst on the Superbike. Mark also continually keeps on top of Stalkers body composition, this means weekly body fat tests and targets set to make sure he is lean and ready for the start of the season.

Mark then moves into a small strength phase lasting 3/4 weeks where he strengthens Stalker up so that he has the strength to handle the demands of the weighty Superbikes. As you all know from his classic riding style, Stalker likes to move the bike around!!

From there he heads into his strength endurance phase where the new level of strength is put to the test. These involve high intensity strength endurance sessions where his core, upper and lower body are continually in use throughout the whole workout, this is when Stalker is really pushed to his limits.

Mark comments on Chris’ conditioning.

“Chris is a very fit athlete but we can always get more out of him. His ability to work for duration at a high intensity is very impressive”.

As far as the season ahead stands, Stalker is busy working on his new ride for 2011. He’ll be announcing the news very shortly so keep your eyes peeled.

This year we plan to film some of Chris’ workouts nearer to the start of the season, make sure you keep your eye out  for regular updates.

Article courtesy of Stalkers website

Saturday, 29 Jan 2011